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They called you unwise, discussed how your decisions were idiotic. They said you will fail, perhaps live a life of misery.

They did? I forgot

He said you were not good enough, not his prioty… His words to you were supposed to destroy your soul

He did? I forgot

She told everyone in the square about everything you were hiding in your closet. She made society shun you and persuaded the people to turn their backs on you.

She did? I forgot

It was your mother who made me leave you. She told me that you didn’t deserve a person like me. She did everything, Threatened my life even.

It was her? I forgot

This scar on your face is from the blows of your father’s anger. The scar on your chest is from the cuts of his torture. Cuts, scars and bruises were all that you inherited from him.

They are? I forgot

Let me just say that your sister broke your heart the day she wouldn’t help you quench your thirst. She laughed so hard at the hoarse voice coming out of your dry throat.

Wow… she did? I forgot?

It was your brother who stole all that you saved up to save yourself with. Can’t you remember?

No. I can’t. I forgot it all.

Why? How come?

Did you not hear me?
Did you not hear me earlier?… earlier when I said I developed a condition?

A condition that makes me forget
I choose it and I love it… I choose to forget.

If my roots remain in the past… in an aching past then I will grow with branches burdened with the shadows of hurt and despair; and what will become of me?

Shall I let the whispers of a past shackled in dismay play in my mind like a record with no end? Shall I live my life trying to go forward but facing backwards?

The wind of the past and future is made from the same air, the only thing that changes their appearance is what I do in the works of NOW.

So I choose to forget… I choose to remove the images of destruction and cure them with the fancy of love, so that love will proceed into my future and the memories you so wish me to remember will be gone forever.

Because with me? They are homeless.

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