Author: Mariam...

... I am passionate about health and well being especially my mental health and that of those around me. I aim to help billions of people regain their power from within; that which they have forgotten they already have.

In the Midst of it All

In the midst of it all   In the midst of it all, I stand   I stand firm believing in the light   And

Black Magic

According to Wikipedia, black magic is the use of supernatural powers for evil or selfish purposes and according to most Nigerian citizens, black magic is

Pregnant Hermit

I can feel the weight of my baby in me I can feel it rumble and tumble, rejoicing ahead of its birth I can feel

The Universe Moves

The Universe Moves When you meet a stranger and he becomes a friend, who is closer than a brother. When you go to work every

White Shirt

I bought a white shirt today It was the whitest shirt I have ever seen I bought it with the last money on me It

I’ve Taken A Chisel To Myself

I’ve taken a chisel to myself It’s a big one, large enough for the burden of memory’s pains Strong enough for the shackles of inherited

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