Before you choose a natural hair formula to deep condition your hair with, you must first know the porosity of your hair. This will help you determine what and what your hair needs and how often you should deep condition it.

Flash Fiction: Snake Boy

“Johnson! It’s time for school. Get up!” the banging on the door woke ten-year-old Johnson up. It was his mother and she didn’t enter his

Flash Fiction: Gaze Object

Her hands were shaky and sweat dripped on her keyboard as she typed; a thing that worried her as she wiped and wiped the sweat

The Artist I Met: Fela

“Omo no be Fela be that?” I said, almost yelling at my friend, who was too busy plaiting my sister’s hair that she didn’t look

Flash Fiction: Son Of A Gun

Odinaka was determined to find his long lost son. At this time in his life, it was his only mission. He thought about the day