Flash Fiction: Son Of A Gun

Odinaka was determined to find his long lost son. At this time in his life, it was his only mission. He thought about the day his boy was born and how his mother gave him the news.
He was just about to join the army then and he didn’t want anything to hold him back so he did not do anything about the news.
It’s been twenty-three years and everything he did to find his son was futile; so he hired a private detective who came in highly recommended and was expensive too.

Odinaka did not care about the money; as a retired general of the Nigerian army, money was not his problem since he had no dependent. His only problem was finding his son, the only chance of his legacy living on; and his desperation for an immediate family was a longing he could not shake off since his loving wife died a year ago and they had no children.
Anxiety slowly filled his soul as he awoke that morning. He laid awake thinking about three nights ago and how he shot an intruder. It was the new town gossip, everyone knew him as the man who saved his neighbor’s daughter from getting raped. He was the town hero.
The man he shot was taken to the hospital but he doubted that he was still alive; an inquiry he was going to make later that day then his phone startled him with its song.
“I am really anxious,” he thought as he answered the call. It was his private detective asking to see him by 2:00 p.m. “can we make it noon” he couldn’t wait that long to get news about his son but the detective insisted on that time
“I have good news and bad news” the detective announced as he led Odinaka to a seat nearby “the good news is that we have found your son” his words pulled Odinaka from his seat and he found himself jacking the detective’s collar “My son? You mean my son?” he whispered through a waterfall of emotions and hugged him very tightly
He retreated from the hug “so what is the bad news?” he asked casually
“He is the intruder that you shot three days ago”
“Is he dead?”
“Yes Odinaka… he is dead”


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