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One last chance to feel the truth
One last chance to see the truth
One last chance to hear the truth about myself,

To hear the crooked steps of my desperation pulling me around.
Pulling me towards a temporary relief… a relief that leaves
and then I am left with myself.

There was a panic… a silent panic that came whenever I was about to be by myself,
so I let the desperation do its thing, pushing and pulling me deeper into a blind hole
in search of that relief. The relief came but always leaves and then I was left with myself.

I did this again and again until I was too deep in this hole that led back to myself,
where the desperation and despair began, this time too heavy to run, push and pull me to find relief.
So I sit with myself.

I sit with myself and feel it all, day by day and as I feel and feel, I can see… see that to see myself clearly
is to heal myself gently.
Then the sun began to shine again but I have learned the trick… the sun sets and then rises and sets again.

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My shadow leaves me sometimes but I can’t leave myself.
So I sit with myself… sober and all. Taking it all as it comes and wining every single time.
As long as I am strong enough to sit with myself, while the sun rises and sets,
I am Good.

Featured Image by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash


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