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We’ve all heard about the benefits of exercising but in truth; not all of us like the act of exercising. Some of us would rather live a sedentary lifestyle than do anything that comes remotely close to exercising. The thought of going to the gym alone to workout for some can be tiring on its own. And let’s not forget the number one excuse that people give to not exercise “I don’t have time”.

Good news! This is 2021 and there are many ways to workout without being burdened with the thoughts of doing something you don’t like to do but have to do for your own benefit.
Gone are the days of pushing it on a treadmill or forcing yourself to do a workout that you hate.
There are a good number of workouts that you will enjoy doing, if you hate exercise; workouts that turn out to be fun. Imagine having fun while you lose calories and build strength, isn’t that amazing? Indeed it is.

Below are the best workouts for people who don’t like to exercise.

Take long walks

A recent study conducted by researchers at Austria’s University of Graz and published in the journal Scientifc Reports found that walking directly enhances creativity and brain functionality asides from heart benefits and weight loss. Instead of going to the gym or doing a high intensity work out for two hours; it may be a better and more rejuvenating choice to take a 45 minutes to an hour walk at least three times a week. Asides the benefit it will have on your body, your brain will also benefit from it. Side note if you have a dog, you can take your dog along with you, it will be more fun.

Do chores in and around your house

Very few people have realized that doing various chores at home for hours do count as intense work out. Think about all the muscles that you use while you mop your floors, clean and dust your home, and all the energy you expend as you stand for hours cooking and cleaning in the kitchen or manually washing and ironing your clothes.

Running errands at home may seem like stress but when you have a perspective that it counts as exercise, it will become something that you do with purpose. An hour long thorough home cleaning is better than sitting on the couch and agonizing about not having time to go to the gym. So now that you know that doing chores is killing two birds with one stone; what are you going to do about it?

“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen”.


Go Swimming

Swimming is one of the best workouts in the history of workouts because it works on your entire body without putting too much strain on your joints. Because water makes you feel weightless, you can swim and stay in the water as long as you want without getting too tired quickly.
So, if you have access to a pool, it is time to slip into your swimsuit and get to swimming.
Swimming is a low-impact exercise that is good for everybody, whether you are new to working out or you are a work out veteran. It is a cardiovascular exercise (exercise that builds your lung muscles and heart) and it also is a resistance exercise (builds resistance in you arms and core muscles). This is better than most aerobic exercises.

Swimming has been known to help the body relax, this fosters a better sleep pattern and elevates the stress that comes particularly with perpetual anxiety. So, get to swimming today and if you don’t know how to swim, you can always learn. It’s easy!

Dance! Dance! Dance!

If you didn’t know, I am here to tell you that dancing is a high intensity workout. I am not talking about soft step dances where you hardly move your body; I am talking about dances that involve most if not all parts of your body. Some have even said that dancing for an hour is equivalent to two hours in the gym.

It is said that on his ‘Bad’ world tour, Micheal Jackson lost almost 3 KG every night because he was dancing for three hours straight per night. Do you know how many calories he had to burn to loose almost 3 KG per night? Approximately 23,148 calories. I don’t think there is any kind of workout that you can do in the gym that will give you such insane result. But yes, this is how effective dancing can be.

You can either have a solo dance party at home or join a Zumba class in your local gym; whichever fits you best. Dancing for exercise purposes is not about whether you can dance or not. Don’t worry about nailing the steps or having rhythms, the most important thing is that you are moving your body. The good thing about dancing is that anyone can do it, doesn’t matter what your age is or what your fitness level is. If you can’t join a zumba class in a gym, then buy a ‘dance for exercise’ DVD; there are many of them available at good prices. This way, you can dance in the comfort of your home at anytime you want.

Now you know. Dancing is not only fun but it is an effective way to exercise. So, the next time you find yourself at a party with an opportunity to dance; do it with all your heart and know that you are also exercising.

Go hard in the gym for only once a week

If all the suggestions above does not work for you, you can choose only one day of the week to work out in the gym. There is no rule book that says you must go to the gym everyday of the week or five times a week. Look at it this way, half bread is better than none; it is better to go to the gym once a week, give it your all and forget about it until the next week.
This way, you won’t have to agonize about making time to work out. It’s not that difficult to make time to workout only once a week. You will still reap the benefits of exercising, it’s just that the benefits may be slow to come. “Slowly but surely” right?.

In life, it is best to do what works for you and follow a plan you can maintain rather than do what others are doing or what others expect of you but fail in the end. It is your choice to make, make the best one.

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