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I’ve Taken A Chisel To Myself

I’ve taken a chisel to myself
It’s a big one, large enough for the burden of memory’s pains
Strong enough for the shackles of inherited lanes
I use it day and night, hammering off the unwanted clay
Scratching off what looks like hay

I’ve taken a chisel to myself
It’s a step I took at twenty-eight
But I should have started at eight
The child that hawks on the street is abused they say
But what about the one caned with words of despair and burned with the desire for acceptance?

I’ve taken a chisel to myself
It’s not a job I can finish in a day
It’s not one I’ll stop come what may
Because to chisel is to be new again to chisel is to forget again
Remembering only what pleases and gives life.
Let the chisel chisel and let me become me.


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