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Pregnant Hermit

I can feel the weight of my baby in me I can feel it rumble and tumble, rejoicing ahead of its birth I can feel it press against my heart when it is faint. Oh the joy in my soul for a child unborn. Where is this child? They ask … I touch my temple…

I see my garden of roses dancing to the presence of my children play; I hear them giggle jumping up and down the bed spring. I know them like I know myself. I love them, like I love myself. Oh the joy in my soul for a child unborn Where are these children? They ask … I touch my chest…  

The journey to the birth of a desire is that of self-growth. Just as the belly of the woman grows… so does your soul grow for your desire. It is this time that we must persevere, will a mother remove her child before its appointed 9 months? May you not uproot your seed before harvest.

Look and see that the harvest is now and at the appointed time a child, your child will be born.  


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