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Ghost is a novel written by Danielle Steel, one of the best selling authors of all time. First published on the first of January 1995, it is an inspiring ghost story.

This novel is about an American man named Charles Waterston whose unexpected and devastating divorce forces him to leave England to America for a job. A job that he would quit after a few months.

He insists on a ski trip to Vermont. Unable to make it to Vermont due to a snow storm, he meets an older woman, who shelters him for a few days before continuing his journey. But his life changes forever, when he sees the older woman’s other home and meets a ghost named Sarah Ferguson.

This book is 420 pages. It is not a typical ghost story neither is scary but it will soak you in and leave you wondering what to do with yourself when you finish it.

Below are 10 quotes from Ghost

1. “I’m still here. I have to go on. I have to give something back, to make my time here worth something. If not, the time I’ve been given here would have been totally wasted. And I don’t think we have a right to do that.”

2. No cousins, no grandparents, no aunts and uncles, no siblings. All he had was Carole, and the life they shared.

3. She made him feel as though the world revolved around him … and it did … for nine exquisite years, and then suddenly … it didn’t, and he felt as though his life were over.

4. He said louder this time. “Who are you?” And with that, he strode across the room, and pulled the curtain back with one long, swift motion. But there was no one there.

5. SARAH FERGUSON STOOD at the window, looking out over the moors, as she had for the last two days. Her husband, Edward, Earl of Balfour, had been gone for four days.

6. She was traded for land, and became the Countess of Balfour at sixteen. The wedding was small, the estate huge, and the penalties endless. Her father died within five weeks of her wedding.

7. “I will leave you nothing,” he had spat at her. “I will kill you before I let you live on the face of this earth without me, if you do not give me an heir.”

8. She had a deep passion for literature and art, and had traveled to Italy and France with her father as a young girl, but she had been nowhere since. Edward kept her locked up, and treated her like a piece of furniture.

9. “What if it were far away?” Margaret wondered if that meant France. She knew there was trouble there, but for Sarah, she would brave it. “I would go anywhere with you,” Margaret said bravely.

10. “Can I make you dinner at my house?” he asked, and she nodded. It was a little scary. For both of them. But Sarah would be there, at least in spirit. And Charlie kissed her on the cheek then

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