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The Jester is a novel written by one of the best selling writers of all times James Patterson and and his writing partner Andrew Gross. Published in 2003, this book is a must read as it tells a tale of courage and inspiration.

It is set in 1096 and chronicles the life of a common villager named Hugh de Luc. Hugh de Luc, in his quest to attain freedom from the unrest in his village becomes a man with many lives. He becomes a soldier that fights in the french crusade, The Jester who wins the heart of the palace, The possessor of an important relic and the saviour of his people.

The story takes many unexpected turns and thus will arouse various emotions in your heart. It has 467 pages.

Below are 10 quotes from The Jester

1. “Like a good song, life has verses, the goliards had taught me. Each verse has to be sung. It takes all of them to make a song”.

2. Men have always shown greed,” Anne continued. “They spread your legs and plant their seed, then pick their nose on the pillow and fart. Your common fool will prove no different.

3. “What sort of lowborn man would come into such a prize? A priest? Perhaps a thief?”

“No.” Renée Lacaze’s brown eyes widened. “Actually, a jester.”

4. I missed being free, and even more than that, I wanted freedom for Sophie and the children we would have one day.

5. Emilie’s eyes glistened. “Did I not tell you, Hugh, that I have a penchant for not doing what is considered right?”


6. I looked into his hooded eyes, and though I knew it was probably my last breath, I simply could not hold back. I just laughed.

7. “You’ll never mend a fence by lazing away like a fat cow,” I said boldly.

8. It was the time of the battle when one knows all is lost; the only thing left is to fight whatever comes into your path and cause as much death and mayhem as possible until you too are taken down.

9. “I’m sorry Hugh. I came for a fight.” Another shook his head. “But I’m not prepared to be damned for eternity.”

10. “I have nothing. Not a denier to my name,” I muttered. How is it possible that I feel like the richest man in all the world?” Emilie took my hand and whispered, “Because you are free.”

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