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The Rainmaker is a novel written by John Grisham and published in 1995. It chronicles the life of Rudy Baylor from his time in law school to his time in the court of law for the biggest case of his life.

Rudy Baylor, after passing his bar exam finds himself up against experienced and ruthless lawyers; lawyers who will do almost anything to win including deceiving Rudy and stealing his first viable case. Rudy will eventually come back on top by stealing his case back; but his fight is not over, as he is faces a large conglomerate in a career defining case. Not only for him but for the big time lawyers on the other side of the battle ground.

This is an interesting read, asides that, it is also an inspiring story. A story that shows an unlikely underdog in action pulling out strength that he didn’t know that he had. The Rainmaker has 434 pages. Below are ten quotes from the book.

1. “Don’t compromise yourself – you’re all you have.”

2. “Some people have more guts than brains.”

3. “I’m alone and outgunned, scared and inexperienced, but I’m right.”

4. “Please give me fifty more years of work and fun, then an instant death when I’m sleeping.”

5. “All students enter law school with a certain amount of idealism and desire to serve the public, but after three years of brutal competition we care for nothing but the right job with the right firm where we can make partner in seven years and earn big bucks.”


6. “life is too short to despise people who simply can’t help what they’ve done.”

7. “Anyone can cook a trout. The real art is in hooking the damned thing.”

8. “I am motivated by thoughts of my sorrowful little client and the screwing that he got. I’m the only lawyer Donny Ray has, and it will take much more than paper to slow me down.”

9. “Like a snake creeping through the undergrowth, I sneak into the law school well past noon and hours after both of my scheduled classes have broken up.”

10. “SUDDEN AFFLUENCE triggers a desire for the better things in life.”

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