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‘Who switched off my brain’ is a book by Dr. Caroline Leaf which was first published in 2006. This book is full of scientific insights as to how our brain works when we feel emotions and think thoughts. It is focused on learning to control toxic thoughts and emotions.

Most of us believe that we can neither control our negative thoughts and emotions and this is not true. There is a scientific explanation as to why these toxic thoughts and emotions feel so powerful and make us believe that we cannot control them. And the answers are in this book.

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Communication Pathology specializing in Neuropsychology. Who switched off my brain is one of her earliest books, she has gone on to write more books which also focus on brain and neuron-functions. Who switched off my brain has 139 pages.

Below are 10 quotes from Who Switched Off My Brain

1. Frame your world with your words.

2. You are not a victim of biology

3. You can take back control of your body and mind. It is possible to lead an emotionally-happy and physically-healthy lifestyle simply by learning to control your thought life.

4. When you are under extreme stress, chemicals flood your body and create physical effects caused by intense feelings. When those feelings are, for example, anger, fear, anxiety or bitterness, the effects on your health are nothing short of horrific in the long term.

5. Stress chemicals can be the kind of guests that don’t know when they have overstayed their welcome. Buried feelings of anger, fear, anxiety and bitterness create volcanic build-ups in your body.

6. As we think, the brain has the ability to change itself for better or for worse. The recognition of this is a gigantic and significant leap in the history of mankind.

7. It is also important to note that the patterns for adulthood are laid down in childhood, so an excessively stressed child could be prone to lifelong stress-related illnesses.

8. If you are intensely worried, depressed, anxious or angry and constantly thinking of the event or person who caused you to be in that state, you can make stressors ( or toxic thoughts ) become stronger.

9. We live in a fast-paced world full of stressful circumstances and emotions. But we can control how stress affects us. When we break the cycle of toxic thinking, we can also break the habit of absorbing stress.

10. Making your thoughts life-giving, not life-threatening, means you will be far less likely to suffer sickness and disease.

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