what the bleep do we know


What the bleep do we know?! is a 2004 pseudo-scientific film that explains a connection between quantum physics, consciousness and spirituality.

It comprises of a fictional plot explained by documentary style interviews of scientists in different fields of science. The fictional part of the story follows a partially mute photographer as she experiences a series of strange event that lead her to nurture the idea that mind and consciousness can influence the material world.

Co-directed by William Arntz, this movie is one of a kind and explains how thoughts and emotions can affect our reality from a scientific point of view. It doesn’t only explain it but it shows it with scientific experiments that have been conducted on groups of people. If you want to understand how powerful you are especially with your thoughts and emotion, then this movie is for you. I recommend that you watch it more than once in order to soak in all the information that it provides.

Below are 10 quotes from what the bleep do we know?!

1. The unified field of the the universe is pure abstract potential, pure abstract being, pure abstract consciousness. Dr. John Hagelin

2. Whatever way we observe the world around us is what comes back to us. Dr. Miceal Ledwith

3. The brain does not know the difference between what it sees in the environment and what it remembers. Dr. Joe Dispenza

4. We have to go beyond our senses to create a new paradigm. Dr. Joe Dispenza

5. If you can’t control your emotional state, you must be addicted to it. Dr. Joe Dispenza

6. Do I think you’re bad? I don’t think you’re bad. Do I think you’re good? I don’t think you’re good either. I think you’re God. Ramtha

7. If everything I perceive is based on what I already know, how will I ever perceive anything new? If I never perceive anything new, how will I change? How will I grow. William Arntz

8. At the deepest sub nuclear level, you and I are literally one. Dr. John Hagelin

9. Today should be the sunrise. It should be the beginning of great thought. Ramtha

10. We have to drive our spirituality from a sense of unity. Lynn McTaggart

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