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It is not easy to admit to oneself that you need mental or emotional help especially when that help will come from a total stranger. It is one thing to know that you need help from a professional and another thing to be able to afford therapy or the means to hire the best professional for your case.

If you want therapy but feel like you cannot afford it, don’t give up yet. There are a number of things you can do to get the help that you need and also alternatives to traditional therapy that will still be beneficial to you.

Please note that it will be to your own detriment if you hire just any kind of therapist just because they fit into your budget; you are not buying a new top, this is your mental health and well being we are talking about. You must be careful as to the kind of therapist you hire. Don’t let the lack of money drive you into the arms of danger.

Below are the few things that you can do when you can’t afford therapy

Check your insurance

Most people, when it comes to mental health services, assume that their insurance won’t cover them. This is not always true. Before you conclude and give up on finding help just because you can’t afford therapy, check and ask your insurance personnel what mental health services they cover and go from there. You may be pleasantly surprised. Make sure you check with your insurance first before booking your appointment and don’t forget to ask your therapist whether or not they accept insurance as not all therapists accept insurance.

Ask for a discount

If you have found a therapist that you believe is the best for you, ask for a discount. Some therapists give a first time discount and some may just give you a discount because they can see how much help you need and your willingness to get it. So, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount, you just might end up paying way less than you expected. If your therapist doesn’t offer a discount, you can also ask for a payment plan that will make it easier for you to afford it.

“Caring for your body, mind, and spirit is your greatest and grandest responsibility. It’s about listening to the needs of your soul and then honouring them.”

— Kristi Ling

Journaling and Meditation

Journaling is one of the most underestimated therapeutic things one can do to unburden their mind and soul. All you need is a book and a pen or a pencil. Write down every thought and emotion that is bugging you, it doesn’t matter what it is, write it all down. A piece of paper will never judge you. Journaling helps you figure out and untangle your thoughts, it helps you unburden all the things you feel and don’t know how to express. The best thing about jounaling is that you do it your way and as many times as you want. You don’t have to book an appointment or wait for anyone, all you need is a private place, your book and pen. If you don’t have the words to put down your thoughts on paper, you can even draw if you like. Whatever you do is up to you.

Meditation on top of this will help you centre your mind and bring peace and calm your way. There are different types and ways to meditate; do a little research and you will find the type that best soothes you. You don’t need to meditate for hours everyday to start seeing results. If you are a new bee to meditating, it is best you start with a reasonable time frame like 15 minutes a day for four times a week; then you can work your way up from there.
There are many meditation apps with guided meditations which will make your journey into meditation easier. So, take advantage of those apps.

Join a support group

Look for and join a support group in your area or online. Many mental health organisations have free support groups for different mental and emotional health issues like trauma, addiction, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, eating disorders and grief.

A support group is very helpful whether you are seeing a therapist or not because the people in this support group will help you especially in moments of weakness and help guide you to strength. You will learn a lot in a support group.

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Mental health apps

Mental health apps are a good and affordable option, this is great because you can get access to different types of therapists through out the globe and you aren’t stuck with only the therapists in your area.

See the top mental health apps Here.

Start a go fund me

Your mental health is worth a go fund me account. The world is filled with supportive and kind strangers who will help you meet your financial goal in order to hire a therapist. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Therapy is not only about talking to someone about your problems, it is about being able to find a solution to it or an effective way to manage it. You seeking therapy or any kind of help for your situation, is you seeking a solution. Don’t give up because of a financial barrier, there is always a way around it but you can only find that way when you look for it. Don’t stop taking care of yourself, you deserve it!

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